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Counselling has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Older talk therapies have been replaced with neuroscience-based therapies that help you heal from PTSD, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and relationship problems. The results you get are measurable, permanent and fast. Our caring counsellor experts can help you have the life you love.

Sometimes symptoms like anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD and stress can interfere with our work, with our relationships, and get in the way of having the life we want.

At Island EMDR, we help people heal by using scientifically proven-effective and fast therapies, so that you can get your life back.

The World Health Organization recognizes only two methods of therapy that treat trauma successfully.

They are EMDR and CBT.

Comparative studies have revealed that EMDR delivers help within a much shorter time frame and requires far fewer sessions. Additionally – unlike CBT – EMDR doesn’t require you to do homework between sessions.

EMDR doesn’t just treat the symptoms.  It eliminates their causes, and the results you get are measurable and permanent.

“But what if I don’t have trauma?”

EMDR helps with less acute situations, too.

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Psychologist Dr. Francine Shapiro originally developed EMDR in 1987 as a method for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Since that time, a tremendous amount of research has accumulated, and it clearly indicates up to 90% rate of recovery from post-traumatic stress following only 5 to 12 hours of therapy.

In light of such high recovery rates, clinical adjustments of EMDR now offer its remarkably effective benefits to stronger clients such as athletes, executives and performers through treatment of depression, anxiety, and phobias, as well as to improve performance.   

Acute clients have also achieved success in the treatment of addictions, personality disorders, and psychiatric disorders.

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We are the only ones who commit to treating with Pure EMDR!

Only therapists who have completed the highest levels of training can carry out “Pure EMDR” – EMDR as psychotherapy in its own right – which takes place every single session.   At Island EMDR, we consistently meet and exceed the standards required for pure EMDR.   Once we have constructed a therapy plan with you, EMDR therapy will be done with you at every one of your sessions.   Any other approach is unacceptable for us and, if it ever occurs, you will receive a 100% refund of your fee for that session.

Pure EMDR.  Guaranteed.

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Situations in which EMDR can help:

EMDR can help with emotional distress – phobias, anxiety, depression, body image, tensions within the family, difficulty with social relations, fear of flying, fits of rage, emotional eating, post-natal depression etc.

EMDR can help in the area of business – removing internal barriers to achieving success. For example, EMDR can provide quick effective help with fear of public speaking, ensure optimal performance in selection exams, or instill confidence in requesting a promotion or salary increase. It can also support optimal performance in delivering presentations to investors or overcoming business crises, including dismissals. EMDR is very effective in helping those who struggle with procrastination and removing obstacles to success that prevent people from becoming independent or growing their businesses – such as fear of standing in front of a group, social anxiety, general anxieties, difficulty in delegating, trusting others, fear of failure, fear of success, and overcoming inner barriers related to money, marketing, or fear of criticism.

EMDR can enhance effective learning – help with exam anxiety, improving academic achievements, and psychological preparation for psychometric employment exams.

EMDR can improve sports performance – overcoming the psychological limitations on achievements imposed by injuries, improving athletic achievements, enhancing preparation for competitions and participation in sporting events such as marathons.

EMDR enhances ability to cope with extreme events – attacks, earthquakes, natural disasters, war, victimization through violence.  Even years after the event, EMDR can help you heal for good.

EMDR in the personal realm – infidelity, separation, divorce, difficulties with intimate relations, increasing self-confidence, difficulty with self-expression, poor self-image.

EMDR in the sexual realm – help with performance anxiety, creating intimacy, addiction to sex, help with one’s sexual role when the cause is not physiological.

Watch this twenty-year-old video excerpted from the American research program, “20/20”. It includes interviews with two people who underwent EMDR therapy, with a number of therapists – and with Dr Francine Shapiro, who invented the EMDR method.

This is an old video which presents EMDR as an innovative method which, at that time, was not yet completely evidence-based. Today, in the wake of numerous studies on EMDR which have been completed in the twenty+ years that have elapsed since this video was made, EMDR is recognized as thoroughly evidence-based by many international therapy entities, including the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization.

Also, this article discusses bilateral processing using only the eyes – but since that time, we now use a variety of other means to bilateral stimulation to accomplish amazing results.

In the past, EMDR was recommended only for people who suffered from post-traumatic stress. Today, however, its use has been broadened significantly and is used to deliver remarkable levels of relief across a very wide range of emotional troubles and barriers.

What is EMDR?